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Now that you have heard from all of your friends about how AWESOME CrossFit Rutherford is, it's time to get you in for your first visit. All we need to do is get you scheduled to come in to our facility for a one-on-one session with one of our trainers. During this session we will talk about your goals, your fitness levels, fitness experience and nutrition. Don't have any of that? No problem! We are going to help you develop those goals and achieve things that you never imagined you could achieve. Then we will jump into a W.O.D. (Workout Of the Day) that will be tailored to fit your fitness abilities. We will require you to sign your life away before we start the physical stuff! (actually, just a little legal form that says you are ok with taking on a workout) There may be other newcomers with us. Once you get a feel for what we are all about, it'll be time to jump into the groove with a scheduled class time. You will learn quickly that everyone at CrossFit Rutherford will be your biggest fan as you get started. You won't have to look far at all for encouragement and support!

So, What Are You Waiting For? LET'S GET IT!!!

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