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Friday, July 16, 2022

A. Take 15 minutes to complete 3 sets of the following

    A1. Front rack split squat x8 reps/leg 95#/65#+

    A2. Flat DB bench press x15 reps 50#/35#+

    A3. Side plank 30 sec/side

B. For total time

    2 rounds

    24 Toes to bar

    12 Power Cleans @ 165#/110#

    6 Wall walks

rest exactly 1:00 after last round then complete

25 burpee pull-ups


A. Take 12-15 min to alternate through the following movements:

     A1. Single arm DB bent over row @ 30X1 x 8/arm

     A2. Banded tricep extensions x 30 or cable pushdown x 12-15

     A3. FLR x 45-60sec; may add weight

X 3-4 sets

B.  12 min AMRAP

     10 hanging knee raises or v-ups

     20 SA DB OH walking lunge steps

     10/8 cal EB/AB bike or run 200m

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