Friday, May 6, 2022

A. EMOM 10 min

Slow Pull power snatch x1/ Hang Power Snatch x2; building load from 105#/65#  

B. For time

120 Wall ball 20#/14#

*Every drop of the ball or stopping the cycle complete

10 Kb swings @ 70#/53#

*If you think you might be able to go UB for 120, do the 30#/20# for 100 reps


A. Front squats @ 20X1 x 8 for 4 sets; build to a tough set

B1. Supinated pendlay row @ 20X2 x 10

B2. Barbell floor chest press x 10

C. For time


Thrusters 95,65

Hanging knee raises or ghd situps

Row 250m after each set

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