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Monday, January 23 2023

A. Hang Squat Clean x2-3 reps EMOM x8 minutes 

-building load throughout from 135#/95# to a tough set for the day 

B. For time


Wall ball 30#/20#

Box-jump on and over 24"/20" box

Plate ground to overhead @ 45#/25#


A. Complete four sets of the following:

    A1. Front squats @ 30X1 x 8,6,4,2; build from last week to a tough set of two

    A2. AMRAP hanging knee raises in 30sec; make sure to get heels behind center plane of body at bottom and both knees come above hip crease at top; cap at 15

B. 3 rounds for time:

     20 cal row

     10 SA DB devils press

     15 dual DB push press

     20 single DB FR lunges

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