Monday, October 18, 2021

A. Every 75sec x 6 sets complete:

6 burpees + 3 power cleans; build to a tough set of 3

B. 15 min AMRAP

10 wall ball 20,14

10 single DB box step up and overs 24,20

90 double unders

100m run

Increase wall ball and step up and overs by 10 reps each round


A. Front squats x 12,10,8,6; build

B1. KB goblet wall sit x 45sec

B2. Double bent over KB row x 10

B3. Seated DB Arnold press x 10

X 3 sets

C. 3 rounds for time

100m FR KB carry

200m jog

15 push-ups

20 goblet squats

D. Extra credit

30 sec hollow hold

10 vups

10 supermen

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A. In 12 minutes complete 3 sets A1. 1 1/4 DB bench press x10-12 reps @ 50#/35# per hand A2. Strict Pronated Pull-up Max reps in 60 seconds (scale with band or ring rows if needed) A3. Side Plank 30 s

A. EMOM 4 min Hang Muscle Snatch x3 reps B. EMOM 8 min Hang Power Snatch x2-3 reps; building load from 105#/65# to a tough set for the day B. 14 minute AMRAP 27 Wall ball 20#/14# 21 Kb swings @ 53#/35

AMRAP in 25 minutes 400m run 5 Deadlifts 225,155 7 handstand push-ups 9 box jump overs 24,20 One partner runs, while other partner works on movements. When partner comes back from run, he/she will pic