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Hey guys tomorrow is the day we reopen! I know you all have been anxious to get back into the gym and we are looking forward to seeing each an every one of you! There are a few things I want you to be aware of prior to coming to the gym tomorrow.

First, if you checked out equipment, please bring it back and make sure your name gets checked off the list. We will be at the gym from 2-4 today. If you are still uncomfortable coming into the gym and want to continue to social distance from home, you may keep it for a bit longer, but please let me know. We need to be able to program accordingly.

Second, this is going to be a time of transitioning back into a normal way of life. This time period is going to be a time of remaining healthy and adhering to the guidelines so we can resume that “normal” way of life as quick as possible. I completely understand that several of us are used to having more than an hour to workout. Our gym has always been a place that encourages fitness and health as well as a place to socialize with our friends. However, during this time of transition and phase-in of reopening, we are going to have to use our allotted hour efficiently for our health. We know this is not ideal, but we are hoping everyone will work with us and cooperate with the guidelines that have been set forth by our city so we are back to normal sooner rather than later.

Third, there are some things we will be requiring of everyone:

* everyone needs to be mindful of the 6 ft social distance rule

* everyone will need to sign up for a time slot

* you are only allowed in the gym during staffed hours

* everyone needs to clean their equipment before you put it way

* everyone will need to enter through the front door at their allotted time slot and have their temperature checked

* bring your own water

* keep your personal belongings in your gym bag; do not leave sweaty workout gear or t-shirts laying around

* wash your hands

Please be looking for the link to sign up for a time slot at 7:00pm. A new link will be posted daily for the next day.


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