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Thursday, April 13, 2023

A. Take 12-15 min to alternate between the following for 4 sets:

      A1. Dual DB renegade rows x 8-10/arm

      A2. 8-10 barbell bench press; build to a moderate set from 95,65

      A3. Ghd hip extensions @ 20X2 x 8-10; add weight if feels good

B. AMRAP 12 min

     Run 200m

     10 hand release push-ups

     20 front rack reverse lunges 75,55

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A. Take 12 minutes to complete 3 sets of the following A1. 16-20 DB reverse lunges @ 50#/35# per hand A2. Max strict pull-ups or banded strict pull-ups in 45 seconds A3. FLR on rings 45-60 seconds B.

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