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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Today is the last day before the Open! It starts tomorrow! I hope everyone will follow the link below to read about the Crossfit Games season and register for the Open! We will be running heats during class times and will not be doing group warmups. The last heat will begin about 6:15pm on Friday nights…..depending on the time domain of the workout released. This will be the workout for Friday for the next three Fridays, so be prepared to have fun, cheer your friends on and accomplish goals that show how hard you’ve worked all


A. 10 rounds 

     10 Single DB step-ups 50#/35# 24"/20" box 

    15 Ab mat sit-ups

    10 no push-up burpees

B. Echo Bike/Assault Bike

     20 seconds @ moderate effort

     rest :40 seconds

    x8 sets

    **Increase effort every 2-3 sets

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