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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Trevor will be at the gym in the morning at 5:00am for open gym. We are going to cancel the morning classes and will wait and see what the weather and road conditions look like to decide if we will have open gym mid morning and/or classes or open gym tomorrow afternoon. We will let you know as soon as we decide.

A. Take 12-15 min to complete 3-4 sets of the following:

A1. DB death march x 8-10-leg

A2: dbl DB bent over row x 10

A3: 16 plank walk ups

B. 10 rounds for time

10 kettlebell swings 53,35

10 med ball sit-ups 20,14

10 goblet box step ups 53,35

10 cal AB or row

At home workout

A. 5 min AMRAP

28 air squats

14 sit-ups

7 pike handstand push-ups

Rest 2 min

5 min AMRAP

50 doubles unders

10 no push-up burpees

10 Russian twists

Rest 2 min and repeat

B. 3 sets

25 bicycle side to side rotations

15 glute bridges with pause at top; may add light weight to glute bridges

Masters workout

A. 3 sets NFT

15 glute bridges with pause at top

8-10 strict push-ups @ 30X1 off sturdy chair, couch or floor; keep tight and keep temp

10 hollow rocks

20 sec hollow hold

C. 10 min AMRAP

30 single unders

20 lunge steps

10 tuckups

5 no push-up burpees

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