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Wednesday, December 29, 2021


A. Take 12 min to complete 3 sets:

A1. DB renegade row x 8-10/arm

A2. Dbl KB front rack squats @ 30X1 x 10

A3. Ring FLR x 60sec

C. AMRAP 12 min


cal Row or Bike

SA DB thrusters 50,35

toes to bar


A. Take 12 min to complete 3 sets:

A1. KB OH carry R + KB farmers carry L x 30m; then switch

A2. Deadlifts @ 30X1 x 8,8,8; build from last week

A3. FLR x 60sec

C. AMRAP 12 min

10 cal Row or Bike

12 wall ball

10 hanging knee raises

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