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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A. Take 12-15 min to complete 4 sets:

A1. Single arm DB split squat thruster x 8/leg

A2. Single arm KB/DB bent over row @ 30X1 x 10/arm

A3. Ring dips x 6-8

B. AMRAP 12 min

20 DB OH walking lunge steps 50,35

10 chest to bar pull-ups

5 wall walks

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A. Take 12 minutes to complete 3 sets of the following A1. 16-20 DB reverse lunges @ 50#/35# per hand A2. Max strict pull-ups or banded strict pull-ups in 45 seconds A3. FLR on rings 45-60 seconds B.

For total time with a partner Part 1: 10 Synchro burpee box-jump on and over 24"/20" 30 Synchro Single arm DB hang clean and jerks @ 50#/35# 10 Synchro burpee box-jump on and over 24"/20" rest 1:00 Pa

25 minute AMRAP Row 250m or Echo Bike 15/12 cals or Ski erg 250m 4 Wall walks 30m Off set carry/side 15 toes to bar Run 200m Masters A. EMOM 12 min min 1: seated Arnold press x 10 min 2: ring rows @ 2

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