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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

A. 9 min EMOM

     Hang squat clean

    x3 reps EMOM x3 minutes

    x2 reps EMOM x3 minutes

    x1 rep EMOM x3 minute

    - starting load @ 155#/105# (or 70% of 1RM) and then build from there to a tough single for the day

B. For time

   9 wall walks

   18 barfacing burpees

   27 Power Snatches @ 115#/75#

   18 barfacing burpees

   9 wall walks


A. EMOM 12 min

     min 1: Dual DB OH carry x 50m

     min 2: sandbag over the shoulder clean x 3-5

    min 3: FLR x 45sec

B. For time


    SA DB hang clean and jerk

    DB step ups or prisoner step ups

    Bike 12 cal after each set

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