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You can’t out train a bad diet! Not all food is creates equal when it comes to nutrition, and it is beyond doubt that some sources of food are better options than others.

In general we want you to follow a way of eating that is biologically appropriate for our bodies. The optimum “biologically appropriate diet for our human bodies is the Paleolithic (paleo) diet.

Overall, we should eat foods that our ancestors ate as hunters and gatherers prior to agriculture: Meats and vegetable, (tree) nuts, fruits, berries, eggs, etc. Foods to avoid are those that result from agriculture: grains, beans, legumes, sugar, fake foods, etc. The reason for this are mainly the auto immune issues, hyperinsulinism and immune issues related to “neolithic foods. Keeping this in mind, here is where we ideally want our macronutrients (Proteins, Carbs, Fats) to come from:

-Proteins: Wild game, wild caught fish, grass fed beef and pork, free range chicken and eggs. Avoid lentils and beans, partially because of lower protein content, but also because they contain aninutrients.

-Carbohydrates: Large Variety of unprocessed, unstarchy vegetables, leafy greens, fruits and berries. Avoid grain products (pasta, pizza, bread, cereal), beans, other highly processed carbohydrates and sugars.

-Fats: Mainly from fruit (avocado,olives) and tree nuts (coconut, walnut, almond, hazelnut, pecan, macadamia). One suggested fat supplement is pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Avoid processed oils. Cooking oils to use are olive oil and coconut oil.

-Liquids: Water. Enough said. (coffee and green tea is not paleo, but widely accepted, but without cream or sweetener).

With the above information in mind and looking at what you currently eat on a daily basis, can you identify which foods you should avoid and/or substitute with “Paleo-friendly foods? With just these food quality adjustments, you may solve all or most of your nutritional “problems (body composition, health problems), right there.

RECIPES: Please check back soon as we are working on creating some incredible, healthy recipes for you!