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Access to 13 classes per month



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7:00AM M-W-F

It’s never too late to start a great exercise program. Want to get moving and strengthen your body, but aren’t sure where to start? Or, are you and your friends curious about CrossFit, but think it’s just for advanced athletes? Introducing the CFR Essentials Class. This new class is designed for people who may be older, have been out of the exercise world for a while, or who have minimal workout experience, but would like to get in shape and have some fun in a community setting. The Essentials Class will focus on movements that are essential to our everyday lives. You may not realize it, but many of the movements you do in your daily life are versions of exercises we train at CFR. For instance, when you pick something off the ground, you deadlift; when you go from standing to seated and stand again, you squat; and when you put something away over your head, you are pressing.


If you are interested in trying out a class or are looking for more information about our Essentials Class, please email Jennifer at Crossfitrutherfordtn@gmail.comOr reach out via call or text @ 615-202-7957



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