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Saturday, November 2, 2019

For Time w/ a partner

20 Burpees25 Push-Ups 20 Burpees25 Push-Ups30 Renegade rows 59/h, 35/h40 Kettlebell swings 70,5350 Lunges 20 Burpees25 Push-Ups30 renegade rows 50/h, 35/h40 kettlebell swings 70,5350 Lunges100 Sit-Ups 20 Burpees25 Push-Ups30 renegade rows 50/h, 35/h40 kettle bell swings 70, 5350 Lunges100 Sit-ups 200m Double KB/DB overhead carry

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For time 20 kipping HSPU or s2oh 30 Hang Power Cleans @ 115#/75# 400m Run 50 Wall ball 20#/14# 400m Run 30 Hang Power Cleans 20 kipping HSPU or s2oh Masters A. Take 15 min to complete the following: A

14 minute AMRAP w/ a partner 3-6-9-12-15... GHD sit-ups or v-ups Thruster @ 75#/55# Box-jump on and over 24"/20" box *once a partner starts a movement, they must finish that movement rest 3:00 14 minu

A.  EMOM 10 min 1 Squat Clean + 1Hang Squat Clean -building load from 135#/95# or 70% of 1RM clean to a tough complex for the day B. For time 3 Wall walks 10 kb swings @ 70#/53# Run 300m 5 Wall walks

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