Thursday, March 24, 2022

For time

Run 400m

50 Db snatches 50/35

Run 200m

50 DB goblet squats

50 burpees

50 DB goblet squats

Run 200m

50 DB snatches

Run 400m

B. Extra credit:

3 sets:

10/arm DB hammer curls

30 banded tricep pushdowns or 15 OH DB tricep extensions

15 DB bent over reverse flies

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A. In 12 minutes complete 3 sets A1. 1 1/4 DB bench press x10-12 reps @ 50#/35# per hand A2. Strict Pronated Pull-up Max reps in 60 seconds (scale with band or ring rows if needed) A3. Side Plank 30 s

A. EMOM 4 min Hang Muscle Snatch x3 reps B. EMOM 8 min Hang Power Snatch x2-3 reps; building load from 105#/65# to a tough set for the day B. 14 minute AMRAP 27 Wall ball 20#/14# 21 Kb swings @ 53#/35

AMRAP in 25 minutes 400m run 5 Deadlifts 225,155 7 handstand push-ups 9 box jump overs 24,20 One partner runs, while other partner works on movements. When partner comes back from run, he/she will pic