Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are limiting the number of people in the gym at any one time. In order to due this, we are requiring everyone sign up for a time slot. The link to sign up is below. We will also be doing temperature checks upon entry, so please come in the front door when you arrive.

A. 3 min AMRAP

60 double unders

20 jumping lunges

Max complex if the following in remaining time:

3 power cleans

3 front squats

3 shoulder to overhead


Rest 1 min x 5 sets

B. Time permitting:

3 sets

20 ghd sit-ups

15 barbell good mornings @ 30X1

At home workout

A. 3 min AMRAP

60 double unders

20 jumping lunges

AMRAP of the following in the remaining time:

6 squats

5 burpees

Rest 1 min x 5 sets


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